Getting dirty

So.. the Dirts album is launched in 2 weeks.. in Manchester on 14.04.23 at the peerhat. With happy daze promotions. Tickets still available. We are so excited to share all the music.. it has gone down great in liverpool and Todmorden since we returned from Japan.

We then take it around the UK for a few dates.. album can be pre ordered still via label.. we have had a bumpy ride with the vinyl but update on that coming soon.. delay expected!!

… in between that leon is super busy!!!.. a list of dates that before our next japan trip.. span the country..

This weekend is indie weekend compere duties.. hooking up with rowetta again after last weekends art exhibition launch of a mutual friend.. for that i was comissioned to write erotica and filth.. new subject matter to write but embrace the new. Loved it…

Haiku toutist is still dropping new verse on socials and im having great fun conducting workshops with a veterans charity- company of makers…

I am meeting some fabulous people on this continuing creative journey and im loving every minute, set, gig or event .. podcast im asked to be involved in..

So.. heres a full list of leon gigs booked so far.. bit of room in july and August but i am chatting to folk about more stuff. THE Dirt have 11 gigs in between as well.

06.04 – Hull – A way with words 

10.04 – Manchester – city – both emotions 

20.04 – Keighly – spoken worth 

25.04 – liverpool – phase one 

29.04 – the vale –  mossley 

30.04 – chester – festival appearance

04.05 – buxton – spring festival bookstock 

05.05 – nottingham – 

13.05 – birkinhead – rek41 

23.05 – Manchester -city – word central 

06.06 – Manchester – Prestwich 

08.06 – stockport – info coming

24.06 – wigan – info coming

29.06 – Bury – wax and beans-

04.07 – needle and pin nr loughborough

31.07 – bristol info coming

12.08 – book fair hull

02.09 – book fair – bradford. 

Cover pic x georgina robinson

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