Its all about the Dirt

The last two weeks have been all Leon.. doing some great gigs and meeting some top folk… since the last Dirt gig in March ive gone on a spoken word spree –

Gigs have included featured slots at manchester for both emotions, bobe down in leeds, Away with words in Hull. The usual Mtv host slot. As well as a weekend to the midlands to host compere the indie reunion fest in Birmingham and do an intro slot for James Atkin (EMF) in shrewsbury.

Focus shifts to The Dirt as on friday its our album Launch. AGITATOR is released digitally and on CD. We do have a vinyl press but this is now delayed due to a pressing issue..

We are still excited as reviews so far gave been ace. The louder than war one is attached.. And we have a top line up planned for the live launch.

Check out pray for mojo, dim imagery, and bloodworm. Its via Happy Daze promotions.

Leon then returns with some great gigs. Keighly spoken worth, and liverpool give poetry a chance follow. Before the Dirt let rip again at Nortingham Rough trade (28.04)…

Im then gigging in home town mossley solo at The Vale. and on same bill as a ukele punk band.. anarchy in ukele..

That April tied up… more top shenanigans in May too. Eyes peeled!!

Few more projects bubbling.. its great being busy.. any folk need a gobby northerner poet… ive still got a bit of space jul/Aug.. haha

Anyway.. rehearsal time.. heres a few pics and posters

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