This is planet earth

I think the Dirt have just about landed back.. on terra firma. No bumps quite a steady pro parachuting canter landing. The great photo drops, reviews and comments steadily made the decent a breeze.. then came airplay and comments from the global stations.. wow.. top PR.. ta puffer fish..

We are chuffed to have some top folk involved with us.. The Dirt are back rehearsing.. no rest.. we play rough trade this friday.. buzzin..

Leon is busy solo too. Last week was keighly Spoken worth.. tomorrow i head to liverpool for “give poetry a chance” at phase one..

Then on saturday its a biggy.. the vale mossley.. me and anarchy in the ukulele… beva belter..

I might have a surprise gig in town on subday 30th but it will be a late announcement!!!.. oooooh..

So.. the albums out. Selling well.. CD.. streams.. just waiting on the vinyl….

As for Leon.. the diary is bursting so thats cool.. theres a couple of reschedules too. Which helps breathing!!Nice position to be in.. all updates are on socials..

I have however just relieved myself of poets corner duties with mancuniatv… time to walk new places. Time was right. Met some great folk.. introduced spoken word to a new audience.. even converted a few and broke stigmas..

So.. heres a few posters and pics

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