Reached a peak

Where to start. This week has been busy.

Last week started with a great event at “give poetry a chance” in liverpool. Then it was on the road for 4 back to back gigs overva busy weekend.

Nottingham roughtrade for the Dirt then back to hometown mossley the next day for a Leon gig with a ukulele band at the Vale. I then did some compere slots with bands at Niaimos Manchester for a strikers benefit gig. Then yesterday Sheffield. Got to do a set for rev and the makers album launch pop up shop!!.

Not going to lie.. its been a tough few weeks.. my mental strength has been tested.. external issues chucking sticks in the spikes… but ive loved it.. what a great period in my/our life.. its time to embrace and celebrate the journey… i did say i was going to slow leons gigs down as The Dirt needs more time but it turns out i cant say no when a great opportunity lands at my feet..

Balance is key and ive got a new approach to performance happening that should help me create, thrive and retain energy as an artist.. its already started.. slowly.. and hopefully will kick in after the next japan visit (Sep).

This was always about celebrating mental health positivity and recovery.. and creating a voice and platform for the marginalised… that has to continue.. and with power.. im not going away.. im just not on every street corner or flooding every street.. quality.. not quantity of the flames

So.. positive vibes… Agitator.. The Dirts Album baby is growing niceley.. people like it live and on record.. CD and downloads are out there but we are still having issues getting the vinyl repress to market.. delays!!.. we are sorry.. the label has chased them up. We are waiting on replies..

Our Dirt gigs this month inc sheffield – washington on 18.05 and a festival in fellfoot woods cumbria on 20.05

For leon.. theres a few.. but up next is Buxton spring fair bookstock festival at high peak bookstore this thursday- 04.05. I am on before a local band. Tiks below

So heres a few pics of whats gone on in the last week..

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