Time is precious

Important lessons consolidated this last few weeks.. down time is as important as up time!!..

I had two cancelled solo gigs in the space of 3 days last week.. normally gutted but realising this time 1. There isnt always an appetite from the public for a certain type of event and 2. I cant compete with eurovision..

No matter how much belief i have something has to give.. however with the spare time.. i had fun.. meeting mates.. photo opportunity.. wrote and learnt a new poem for live gigs and best of all The Dirt made a new track..

First in a long time.. and it felt ace!!!.. and its a fkn banger!!!.. using lyrics i have (some folk will know them!!) And creating a sonic loop beaut.. its up to the midfield general.when it makes the live set.. but im chomping at the bit to share it.

Also with cancellations comes a breather .. thinking space.. tbe ability to accept new style events.. and plan stuff.. so i am leaening!!!

As for whats on next the Dirt take the lead this week with two gigs..

18.05 – Sheffield at the Washington – free gig

20.05 – fell foot woods in lakes for nutshell festival.

As for leon i have a feature slot at word central on tue 23.05 at Manchester library

03.06 – Mind event at The joint services social club wirral.

06.06 – crooked poets – prestwich

07.06 – groove verse – band on the wall mcr

08.06 – Bask – stockport support to Matt Mcmanamon

11.06 – rare vitamin festival northwich – The Dirt and Leon doing stuff. Free day fest too..

10.06 – feista de artes in manchester

So heres a few pics and posters..

Pic x david gleave

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