3 weeks silent

Firstly happy new year… akimashite omedetou gozaimasu from The Dirt band.

Very quiet as ive been in Japan for a few weeks. Experiencing a new style xmas and new year.

Gigs in 2022 were mega got to share the stage with many talented folk. Book tour was ace experience as was diving onto new stages, spreading new verse and getting The Dirt music out there.

Reflected alot this last few weeks, now prepping for a return in 4 weeks. Got some great events planned for music and spoken word. Announcements are starting to drop through on socials.

Still writing.. taking pics and enjoying life. Emailing folk.. waiting for replies.. some dont come.. but thats an artists life i guess.. its not rejection.. just a different direction.. focus on those on board the train.. not those who wait on platforms or who move in the distance.. self awareness is lesson 1 from 2022..

Enjoy the new yesr.. hope it brings happiness.. heres a few pics..

Rising sun

Thats it.. year over for performance activity. 2022 has been a belter for both Leon solo and the Dirt. Ta to all who came to gigs, put stuff on, bought merch and gave ace reviews.

From book launch and autumn gigs to festivals for leon, highlight has to be shiine solo set, conducting remembrance sunday, and opening verse for EMF. But last gig at punk in drublic comes a close second at salford lads club. As does bearded theory in gails tea tent!!

Mancunia tv has been a great experience hosting poets corner and meeting some top folk. Ive had some great guests that continue into 2023..

The book “dont believe the Hype” is ticking along nicely as is ” talking myself out of trouble” now im reaching new audiences!!.. oh and the kids pocket book is doing ok too. Ta to all who gave got one!

Next year there are some juicy slots booked that will start getting announced soon.

As for the Dirt, i am loving it. The record is due in April. Vinyl and CD. The singles on bandcamp are getting great reviews, so we are well chuffed. And the live sets have been mega. We have played some ace cities -Manchester Newcastle Sheffield Leeds Liverpool London Nottingham and some other great independent venues – Snug and salty dog take a bow!.. ta to all promoters who took a chance in our first year. I hope we paid you back in noise reverb energy and passion..

Next year we have a string of gigs either booked confirmed or talked about. Looking forward to new places and also going back to dome faves!!.. important one is 14.04.23 in Manchester with Happy Daze its the album launch. So spread the word and save the date!!

Agitator is 11 tracks of alt psych sonic punk that we loved creating with producer kevin Foy. Keep an eye out for more info!..

So we are nowin japan for 7 weeks. Kicking back.. sight seeing, relaxing, socialising and been alternative tourists.

Back in 2023.. its time to Agitate..

Ignorance is bliss

Is the title of one of The Dirts tracks released officially tomorrow.. on Bandcamp friday!! Something new to get giddy about.. two tracks from our album to be released next year… a taster!

Tomorrow is also a big day as i tread the boards at Salford lads club with punk in drublic.. i was honoured to be asked by the iconic venue and chufffed to have the award winning comedy/poetry night involved.

Gigs for the year are coming to an end for both leon and the Dirt. Its been a mad year.. lots of solo stuff – book launch – amazing gigs.. great to reflect!!.. already planning 2023…

The last week has been quiet but productive in the background.. t shirt release.. CD design and plotting..

As for the end of year bow out.. heres the gigs left..

02.12.22- leon salford lads club

03.12.22- the dirt in leeds “cancelled”

04.12.22 – leon charity gig in chester

09.12.22 – astral daze 2 fest in Manchester

Winter break!!!!…

So heres a few posters and pics and the new single link –


Cloud nine to ground control!!..

So where to start.. the last ten days have been a ride in it’s self

Gigs for the Dirt in london for otherside in shoreditch, followed by Manchester at astral Daze 1 and then onto shiiine on festival for a slot that blew us away with the response received…

Leon also has air in his legs after introducing EMF at Shiiine on in front of a few thousand folk.. and doing a full solo set to a packed seated auditorium..

Coming up the Dirt have two gigs left this year.. Manchester and Leeds.

Leon has one book gig in accrington left as well as salford ladsclub.. a charity gig in chester and a slot in liverpool.

Then its time to kick back for two months… whilst we ponder new moves for 2023 we have an album on vinyl and CD to launch in April .. and a few gigs to announce.. So, things are looking quite tasty for next year!!…

It will soon be time to reflect on a mental year.. but until then there are gigs to do.. t shirts to flog and books to sell… both dont believe the hype .. and the kids book teddywocky tales.. the first book is sold out unless on line but will be back in stock next year!!..

So.. back to business this friday.. so heres picks and gig posters

Ignorance is Bliss

Its the name of the latest track to enter The Dirt set.. peerhat Manchester was the first place to hear it, then karma fedtival in Nottingham. The set is forming nicely with power junkie added previously. Both soon to be released as joint singles on 02.12.22.

We have 5 dirt gigs left before we have a 10 week break with a trip to japan. Next up is london on Friday before back to Manchester for astral daze 1. After that its shiiine on. We get to play the same day as happy mondays, stereo MCs and EMF… wow…. also in December we have leeds and Manchester to finish a mental year!!

In leons camp things are just as exciting. Dont believe the hype is still receiving interest. Book gigs have slowed for november.. as a couple of fests have took prioritises.. leon is doing shiiine too!!!.. but october was cool.. Liverpool – york and Northwich!!!..

At karma fest i got to do vocal jams with a few bands as intro sets.. top weekend that.. ditz… helicon.. floral image.. fruit tones to name a few!!.. wow.. again!

In other news i have a kids book for sale.. in collaboration with Phantasmagoria we have created 12 poetry tales around teddy wockys…. contact me for info!!

So.. the big news is still im doing a feature slot as salford lads club on 02.12.22.. same day as the singles release… tickets via punk in drublic for that!!!…

Anyway heres a few pics and gig posters….

It’s been a while

It has.. and it’s been very busy.. gigs in September have took me to Huddersfield – Macclesfield- Sheffield (there’s a theme!!!).. and Salford to feature at verbose and Shakespeare North prescott to feature at their scratch event.. and not forgetting poets corner monthly presenting slot at MANCUNIAtv….

The Dirt have also had a gig in Sheffield thanks to strange days at their new float along festival… and we went on a road trip to join mates atva psych all dayer catching bands along the way and back…

Also in Dirt land the album is mixed and mastered and ready to order on vinyl for a 2023 release. The artwork will be signed off soon. So we are excited about thst. We will release a single from the album on 02.12.22 parole///ignorance is bliss is a two track for download and airplay.

We have some top Dirt gigs in October. Barnsley this Saturday with noise aka outsider music.. on 20th we join girls in synthesis at peerhat for DHP. Then we head to karma fest in Nottingham.

For Leon over just done York this weekend and I’ve got Liverpool on Sunday at carnival brewing and northwich the week after new moon art collective.. I’m also doingba talk with company of makers tomorrow on line and its free..

Big news coming soon for Leon for 02.12.22.. somethings bern bubbling which will soon be unleashed.. save the date.. its in the 0161 area!!!..

Here’s a few pics and posters..

3 down lots to go

So. Three book gigs down with lots to go.. a few festivals and designated book gigs to get stuck into before the Dirt and I head back to Japan. (7 week trip .. tour and time out..)

So far. Local launch at donkeystone brewery and Manchester rose and monkey went brilliant. I’ve also added The Grove in Huddersfield to ace places to perform. They now have a great spoken word night called ink spill up and running so that’s worth a check out!

For me September will be a busy month. Several gigs for the book and a dirt gig at float along festival in Sheffield for strange days. Chuffed to be sharing a stage with Steve lamacq there too..

The Dirt have laid all tracks down and we return to meet the producer this week to tweak the tracks ready for release next year. We are working with a great artist for the cover and I’ll ve collaborating with Steve reilly at fluid prepress again on the digital front..

As for gigs.. here’s the batting order

We also did two great gigs with thee lucifer sams and liverpool psychedelic society in Manchester and Newcastle so buzzing of that with more gigs now booked..

04.09 switch blade poetry peerhat mcr top birthday line up..

08.09 – book gig at mash guru Macclesfield with worders and music

12.09 – fab radio session 9pm with GBR our record label and great alternative show.

24.09 the dirt and solo sets at float along festival in Sheffield.

26.08. Feature slot at verbose in Salford at the King’s Arms.

28.08 mancunia TV presents where I will be hosting poets Corner. As always a great guest.. and you music and interviews.

I have had to cancel.the 15.09 gig at retro as I’m now taking a long weekend away with the wife,best half of the Dirt and birthday lass.. I will be back for that event in the future..

As its a month away I’m also at Piccadilly cafe bar in York on 02.10. Afternoon session of word and music.. top line up again too..

Great month ahead and I’ll squeeze in a volunteer session at turning point for mental health chat with the addiction service..

I’ll also be sorting a chat with the debdale hive about using cash I’ll donate from don’t believe the hype.

This book is available through me or at lulu.com. https://www.lulu.com/shop/jack-horner-and-helen-millington-and-steve-reilly/dont-believe-the-hype-14072022/paperback/product-9296jg.html?q=Don%27t+believe+the+hype+&page=1&pageSize=4

Catch up at a gig soon..

Time to agitate

So.. again.. its been busy as……. here in the pig pen. The new book is being distributed and its online to buy.. or through me!

The first book launch night is tomorrow at the local brewery donkeystone we have great acoustic acts and poets…

I then head to northern green gathering festival to do a set on the campaigns stage before returning for launch night 2 in Manchester.

As well as several book tour nights in many northern towns i still have gigs with The Dirt to attend to.. bank Holiday weekend sees us hit aatma in Manchester (26) and Newcastle Cluny (27).

Whilst on the dirt, we have just finished studio time for a forthcoming album that will be released on vinyl too.. more info to follow….

So the book Don’t believe the hype is out… its different to book 1.. talking myself out of trouble, but keeps the graphic raw edges!!!

So September is down upon us where I have a stack of gigs to celebrate around the book.. more on that in the next natter..

Here’s some pics…

Hello everyone…The book is being shipped out thick and fast.. I have spares.. come chat..Thank you to all pre sale purchases..This offer of last year’s price of £13 stands for a while longer..The book is launched live in less than 3 weeks.. so giddy!!On Thursday 18th August at Donkeystone Brewing Co. Followed the week after by a night at The Rose And Monkey Hotel on 24th.Both have great spoken word and acoustic performance folk.. and are free.. I’ve attached posters..I then take the content around the north.. so far confirmed…Huddersfield – Macclesfield – Sheffield- Salford – York- Liverpool – Northwich -Accrington.Room for a couple more?.. let’s see..

Come order . Cheaper than Amazon.. and more cash goes to collaborators and charity . Not a space project!!

Long time no natter

It must be a month.. maybe longer but I’ve been spinning plates..

Book preparation, proof reads, edits, launch nights go to print and facilitate media is part of it as well as coordinator of a presale.. but it’s worth it “don’t believe the hype”- ,LPF2. Has landed and I’m chuffed. £13 gets you an art installation. The written word and photography. This price will stand until end of August. Same as last book price!. Available through me, soon by lulu.com

Music, The Dirt have been mad busy making demos as we go in the studio in two weeks. All new tracks ready to let out of the trap in 2023 on vinyl.. maybe live before too.. we gigged this week.. we next go live on 26 Aug at MCR Aatma. With Liverpool psychedelic society.

Leon as the local Manchester media suggests, does not stop! He gets everywhere.. I’ve featured as some great spoken word nights over the last month.. and there’s more to come.. as I drip the new material into sets it’s getting a great response.. a few highlights have been Morcambe fringe, lolls book launch.. mic at the mill, pull up and speak, Northwich rate vitamin fest.. and right to roam. As well as presenting at mancunia TV.

I have had to say no to smaller 5 min open mic set nights as I have a calender that needs breathing space. Instill Dona bi monthly talk/performance for turning point so it’s now about quality not quantity on both sides..

Lots coming up though.. it’s not about kicking back!.. although I’m now going to be off the stage for two weeks I will be hitting the ground running mid August.. so on the next blog.. next week I will spin some dates out…

Until then .. please come join the book journey.. check out socials see where I’m going to be.. I’m off to Ynot this weekend for a fest as a punter to celebrate mates 50th. Here’s some pics…