Out of the woods

Good weekend was had at Neck of the woods festival.. i got to compere and introduce some crackin bands on the main stage. Even jam with pals pagans SOH and suave martyrs. It was the fests first year and the vibe was great…

Last week I also got to Do a set in Glossop at the Globe which is an ace venue too..

Few plates to spin are ongoing and meetings had.. recording studios.. poets for projects.. Book publishing. And of course making demos and talking releases…

The pig pen is busy right now on all levels.. organisation of book launch now it’s officially announced for August.. and follow up events.. and getting creative with The Dirt.

As for the dirt we are performing on Saturday vat acid fest for Liverpool psychedelic society, our only June gig (we do have two in July). And we have now released info on an official bootleg release for 01.07.22. our live gig atbsakry dog in may. Gig for Bryan.

As for Leon.. it’s plug the book.. welcome venues who want me to natter.. I’m at Mouth in MCR tomorrow.. then Leeds at Hyde park book club on Monday for Vortex…week after its mancunia presents TV.

So here’s a few pics and stuff credits already made on socials.. but ta to David Gleave and Nidge Sanders for getting my good side .

Don’t believe the hype

* big up chufty announcement*

Today after a few pics shared it’s time to say…
Book 2 is coming out in August.

“Don’t believe the hype” is LPF2.

A collection of another 30 verse with imagery..

This time the illustration is in the form of photography by Hels Millington Photography ..

The book is a view on this topsy turvy somewhat churned up world that we currently inhabit. It will address social topics and it will highlight my social observations…

Some folk will have heard sections of the material interspersed in my words or lyrics by The Dirt recently…

Anyway the launch night is Wednesday 24th August in Manchester…
Kindly hosted by The Rose And Monkey Hotel.

Save the date.. put a couple of quid in a jar for next few months.. and get a copy..

Artists at launch.. event page.. and book purchases details to follow….


Something else

To start with I performed at Bearded theory festival last weekend.. Sunday.. 1pm.. a 20 min rollercoaster set to a packed tent.. loved it… I’ve been going for years and to get the opportunity to Do a set was ace!!.. ta Gail!

Also this week we did mancunia presents which will be aired soon on you tube.. this month my poets corner guest was Loll Perkin. A top spoken worder.. some other top guests pitched up.. Dave Haslam with Cressa. Trust a fox Sanders.. Steve Lynn and crackin music .

I’ve done a visit to turning point since last posting too and been in collaborative meetings for new projects.. written, verbal and musically.

New gigs coming in for me and as The Dirt who have a steady calender up until we drift off to Japan again… Come get us though.. if the gigs right we will defo come!!

This next week.. I’m at

Stockport – open door tonight.. at the nook

7th. On line meet with Home poets for veterans..

9th Glossop globe for Culain woods night..

11th – neck of the woods festival levenshulme..

So here’s a few pics of stuff happening, happened and recently announce..

After all

What a weekend… After a cracking camper van trip catching up with folk and treading in new towns I settled into a weekend of creative connectivity.

Friday – private party at the peerhat. For a great fella Neil winward with great bands.. I even did an impromptu jam with top lads pagans SOH.

Sunday – after all festival for charity. I did a set at the John Hall hippy boogie stage to open with a busy crowd. Then back to introduce pal Damian Luke with the full band sweet beasts.

Caught up with a load of familiar folk and friends and met some new ones!!.

Monday I did a talk at turning point around creativity and mental health recovery. Great feedback and I love going down every couple of months to connect with the great work going on there.

Now kicking back before I head to bearded theory festival… Reflection of great air play recently for The Dirt and me. Top reviews including louder than war. And a new project dropping this summer. Hints in the pics

Few great events on the horizon too.. noteable June events.

2- open door Stockport at snug

9- the globe Glossop

16 – thirsty scholar tonkas book launch

18 – the dirt play Liverpool Acid fest

20- Leeds word gig for vortex

29- Mancunia TV

30- mental health awareness fest chorlton.

So a steady month.. lovely to be asked to these events and great to keep The Dirt sound spreading!.

Please spread the word.. share the blog. Come and shout me up for a slot nattering. Here’s some posters and pics.

Roller coaster

I bizzare week… Anxiety attacks… Reflections on friends lost.. worries of close ones.. yet euphoria over two great sets at The Dirt with some great bands and a Leon gig at kick out stigma. And meeting up with food mates..

I’m kicking back from today.. regrouping.. doing what the wife tells me.. switching off .. brain repair time… Can’t preach and not practice…

A busy but fruitful weekend ahead.. birthday party gig with some top bands and a leon set for a pal at after all festival in Manchester..

Finding the balance is tough but it’s getting there. The thing that heals can also break…

The gigs at the weekend were ace.. The Dirt is defining the creative partnership sachiko and I share.. as well as a marital one.. some great comments and some feedback!!!.. we next go on sat 18th June in Liverpool at acid fest for Liverpool psychedelic society. Until then we are going to create a new tune or two..

Meanwhile Leon will fill the gaps, cracks and turn on taps!!.. a few great little events to announce over the next month or three too. Really buzzin.. keep on eye on insta and FB…

There’s also radio play picking up on both sides too which is nice.. hopefully it will prick up a few out of town ears so we can spread wings and make noise in far away towns!!.. if not please tell folk!.. have camper will travel!!…

Anyway here’s what’s been going on.. and books and CDs are still for sale via me!!

Resistance is fertile

What a week.. or so.. brimming with highlights…

Just got back from Sheffield after an away day leg with pal Damian Luke of the sweet beats. Gig at kommune with some talented folk. Words and acoustic…

Before that I’ve had a week of rehearsing, writing, plotting and meeting folk for new stuff, gigs, and projects. I even got to natter on FM radio last week. Ta to tre Moore for the invite..

Since the last blog I’ve also met Jeremy Corbyn!!. Performing at resistance street in Liverpool.. with nige Clarke (dodgy) Matt McManamon (dead 60s). Pals lucigenic and Mr John mcglones who invited me with his souls of emotion. Top day out

The day before The Dirt played the first gig in 8 weeks. Part time punks in Leeds. Another top day out!.. ya to nervous twitch for that invite!!

This Friday the Dirt kick in again with a slot support to pals the Battery farm.. and another surprise slot pending on 15th may.. keep an eye out for info…

Before all that I am heading to Stockport on Thursday for a slot at open door organised by jay Taylor.. defo looking forward to that..

All in all the pig pen stays busy!. With a juicy announcement or two looming..

Eyes peeled.. ears to the ground .

Feedback.. feedback..

So feedback.. three gigs since I returned from Japan and all have had great responses.. mouth open mic was ace.. up yours mag event at fuel was brilliant.. and my own this is not a swan song was through the roof..

For those who asked… If you read this…. I will do another.. later in the year.. it’s in motion.. in my mind anyway.. SEP/Oct.. I’ve a lot in until then..

Coming up there’s a few things announced and a few more things to chuck in the mix soon..

firstly The Dirt…..Gigs in Leeds (30/04) , Salford (13/05) and Liverpool (18/06) are next in line over the next two months..

Leon has a few things.. MCR (09/05) info to follow on socials… MCR (15/05) – PUF fest.. MCR (16/05) feel good club… MCR (22/05) After all fest..

Few posters to come but I might have some out of towners to chuck in before end of may so eyes peeled..

I’ll also be connecting at turning point this month to do a chat.. All in all busy month… Ta for joining in.. and ta for Andy from many gang for dropping by the pig pen for a natter and catch up..

Photos will follow of stuff but here’s a few from happenings!!..

Hit the ground running

Back in the UK from a 5 week trip . We are already planning our next trip back. And maybe a few more impromptu Leon sets…

Things get busy straight away.. I’ve got three gigs this week in Manchester and we get stuck in to practice for a The Dirt gig next week in Leeds.

I’ve also got poets corner to present with Mancunia TV. A show case of all things creative. Art, photography, spoken word and music. Plus more. It’s recorded live and then aired a week later..

So regular blogs will resume, but until then here’s what’s happening this month..

20- mouth at rose and monkey MCR

21 – up yours cabaret at Fuel MCR

24 – rose and monkey word & acoustic

27 – mancunia TV

30- The Dirt play Leeds part time punks.

01. May – Liverpool resistance street fest

Tokyo is an anagram of Kyoto..

I/we (the Dirt) are four weeks into a five week trip of Japan. Meeting family friends and finding new pals and creatives.

I’ve done a ouple of performance sessions while here. Joining Toyama experimental psych duo 13th Vinyl in an hour jam. And performing at bar run in Toyohashi with pal mitsugu and friends for a night of mixed musicians and creatives. Both different and both fun and exciting. I enjoyed sharing a stage with a few very talented musicians.

We now head to Tokyo having stayed on Osaka and Toyama for the majority of our trip.

Landing in UK in mid April we got the ground running. I have 3 gigs planned in April and the Dirt have a Leeds gig too.

20 Leon at mouth rose and monkey

21 Leon at tbc gig in MCR

24 Leon at not a swan song in MCr

30 – the dirt in Leeds at wharf chambers.

Loving it here but also looking forward to gigging.. and launching book 2 back in UK. We are already planning a return here!

Here’s what’s been happening….