Mamucium calling

The old Roman name for the castlfield fort.. also became mancunium and well we know where it went next… Anyway.. I’ve booked to have the word along with some artwork inked into my body… Nowt like been impulsive!!

On other fronts I’m still waiting on my test book. Lulu says it’s despatched but not sure if by pigeon or pit pony.. the anticipation is unbearable!!!.. I’ve started taking orders on it.. good response too.. thanks to all so far that have shown an interest! I’m also looking at independent outlets to sell the book.. the Gillery in Mossley and vinyl testing place in Affleck palace are on board so far.. buzzin!

I’ve been to Phantasmagoria in Ashton today and planning a few workshop ideas there to get stuck into around creativity.. also Emmaus are on board and aware a portion of book sales will be going to them.. let’s hope it sells!!!..

My pal Steve Reilly who helped considerably with my book and website has come up with an idea. As he is the founder of Spicey O’Reilly’s chilli sauce.. we have discussed a pig farmer branded version.. a tad giddy about that!!!.. more to come there no doubt…

And lastly I’ve been to a new barbers shop. Same talented sorcerer with scissors Inky Steve but his new venture. The butchers chop shop is ace.. check out the new pic in the salon.

And lastly I’m gigging for “sayin” on Tues 27th April. Old abbey tap House, Manchester..

Going my own way

And not a lonely day to be had!!. Bit of Fleetwood Mac reference for ya!!.. Bits and pieces keeping me busy.. helping pals get their business opening on track.. labour for a lunch!!.. proper cooperative..

More writing and rehearsing.. getting ready for the big reopening. New material flows in these bizzare times. first public spouting planned for “Sayin” in Manchester on 27th April.. not done their events yet so buzzin..

Been out connecting with Paul at Pathlight thrive hive.. planning a few walks and talks with him and anyone else that wants to escape the house around saddleworth. Check his Facebook page for planned treks..

Received news of another published bit of work coming out soon via worktown.. theme was masks… Of which I have worn a few… “Talkinmyself out of trouble” – No new info on my own book as still waiting for the test copy.. like a cat on a hot tin roof I’m dying to get it out there!!!

I’m still a self appointed resident poet on the rebels and rule breakers Facebook page.. I seem to have fallen into a weekly one piece performance.. go check it out.. great work going on there..

I’m now emailing.. messaging.. pestering… And crawling all over organisations, groups, radio, media sites and anyone who can spread the word of my pending book launch and sale.. so on that note please pass on to mates and people you may know.. “Talking myself out of trouble” is coming!!

So on that note.. T shirts are still for sale and summer is coming!!oh.. and here’s a picture of pies I received as payment for work.. it’s all about the back scratching!!!

Breaking radio silence

Information on my pending book launch was included in ‘Oldham Today’ between 10.00-12.00 noon. The programme will be repeated between 5.00-7.00pm and 5.00-7.00am on 6.4.21. on …
The Award Winning Oldham Community Radio Station. 99.7fm.

I’ve contacted a few other media outlets and things look promising for some crackin exposure… I’m still awaiting a test copy of the book. but if it’s right.. I’ll be ordering my first batch…. Info on taking book orders coming soon… anyone fancy mentioning me, the journey and my first book release please drop me a message.. or pass on to someone who might be..

I’ve run out of T shirts!!.. all sold, even spares… So I’m on a re order submission plan.. anyone fancy a LPF t shirt for pending gigs and Fests drop me a message!!!.. £7 for an alternative individual piece of DIY merch.. here’s a pic of one design.. modelled by top mates lee and Ange…..

The whiteheads

However I do have more badges and stickers ordered… The merch page will soon be updated with correct pricing… Hats and cups next on my agenda!!

Hope to see some of you in a beer garden soon.. or a gig or two.. let’s get busy… Oh and on the bad advice of good friend .. I’ve joined tik tok.. short verse distribution.. come find me.. LPF

No fool today

So.. It’s ordered! The first test copy of a book I’ve more than cobbled together.. I’ve just rolled the snowball. Let’s see what happens. It’s got 25 verse from my spoken word… 5 lyric sheets from The Dirt. Bags of great art by Phil Wagstaff, his interpretation of my words. And all centred around my journey through mental health recovery. I’m buzzin about getting this out there.. if it’s up to scratch.. I’ll be taking orders!!!..

I’m continuing to take gig bookings, one this week is mega.. I can’t wait to announce it.. I’ve even had to decline a couple of offers. Which I’m gutted about as they were with great folk.. Double bookings..shit.. I do slap myself to make sure it’s not a dream!!!

I’m still doing T shirts so if anyone wants one pre festivals (fingers crossed) drop me a line..

Here’s Sam modelling the Ts

On the talks front, a few more projects are dropping in. I’m always open to podcast natters about creatively keeping sane!. I’m doing more with Time2talk, regularly dropping verse into rebels and rule breakers on Facebook.. and tonight I’m doing a live interview with Mangang drop in at the link below.

So.. life is going well… I can’t wait to share the book… I personally don’t think there’s anything like it out there. Cheers to Steve Reilly for keeping me sane through its process so far..

Ears to the ground and eyes peeled… X

Mixed emotions

It’s been a weekend of polar emotions..

It started with a good friend passing away after a three month fight post heart attack.. Colin Radcliffe gave his all to mental health awareness and recovery bringing numerous groups together to take on the stigma around the subject with his project DePresson. I now think it’s up to people like myself to carry his torch..

On the other side I’ve been working with another mate Steve Reilly on my book “talking myself out of trouble”.. before I self publish.. He’s taken an average idea and format and turned it into something I couldn’t dream of.. I’m priveleged to have people like him and artist Phil Wagstaff in my circle and help me create this idea of a book with a selection of words and influenced art.. I’m hoping to have a first edition ready by mid April.. so I’ll be taking orders soon..

As a side project I’m arranging a couple of book launches/performance with The Gillery in Mossley.. so eyes open and ears to the ground on that..

I’ve got a Mangang interview this week and no doubt a submission to rebels and rule breakers which has somehow become a weekly residency with a poem contribution..

To finish I’d like to say .. why think outside the box.. why not put windows in the box so you can see out and others can see in…. Quote by Colin Radcliffe 2019. X

A mixed mag

I was going to have a quiet week as I’ve recently walked out of full time employment.. and I’m loving it!!!

But… my monkey won’t alow me to holiday just yet… Firstly I’ve just completed a Mental Health First aid course through Mind and Tameside veterans.. loved it and found out alot about my own recovery journey band symptoms.

I’ve passed my electronic print and artwork for my first book onto a mate who is a magician in the digital and design world.. let’s see what comes from that.. but it’s exciting!!

I’ve got an online interview next week around talking myself out of trouble with “Mangang” and I’m talking gigs with a few people..

My mate and ace musician Jake Fletcher wore a LPF T shirt on his live stream last night.. proper chuffed…

I’m also spinning a couple of other artistic/creative plates which should come to fruition soon.. info on them to follow..

Let’s see what happens next…

Time 2 Talk

I put a personal Facebook message up yesterday about how I was buzzing.. it’s true.. and I said I had bags left over.. and it’s free.. that also is true.. a few personal achievements and good news has come in.. so while I’m surfing that positive wave I’d like to think I can try help.. it also means (without being cryptic) I can soon expand on the Leon story..

As with Leon stuff.. I’ve scanned loads of brilliant art for the poem book which is coming along nicely. I’ve took a few gig bookings and getting stuck in to helping a local arts fest. Still chatting to charities about “talking myself out of trouble”..

On that note, here’s the latest!!.. with Time 2 talk mental health hub.. thanks Fyer-Hune

A busy summer is ahead hopefully… And. Still flogging LPF T shirts at a rock bottom price… if that’s not your bag.. I’ve got pin badges too!!…

Oh and we have updated website content.. ta Steve Reilly..

Talk the walk

“Talkthewalk” is the new thread coming to the web page soon..

As I have started building are rather extensive portfolio of organisations I’ve worked with, still am or have shown interested in talking myself out of trouble.. I thought it best to get a little at together.. sell my wares and bow strings!

This weekend has been ace… I’ve been on the wireless with Hannahs bookshelf on North Manchester FM.. and I didn’t swear… here’s the show link..

Also I did a crackin zoom gig with Manchester veterans.. talking about my PTSD journey and a spoken word set which was well received..

I’ve also accepted a few live gig dates from July onwards in the last week.. some of which are officially confirmed… so it’s nice to get busy.. 3 of which are with promoters Indigo Bravo who put on some ace punk gigs.. I’ll be compere/verse spitting between bands.. infant wait.. check out their page.

More stuff is Bubbling.. and im back on the road now.. now there’s a story still to tell!!!!! my VW camper has now got tax MOT out of storage and is raring to go… so will travel to chatter!!!..


What a week… Started with a blog about my 2nd year anniversary of realising PTSD was lurking around.. thanks for the positive comments.

On Tuesday I did a podcast interview with Time2talk mental health hub.. it goes out next week so I’ll be sharing the links.. talking stigma reduction, creative paths, bit of verse and mental health recovery..

Also, Wednesday I had a great chat with Chris at Direction for men. Lots of interest on how creativity can help mental health recovery.. how we can work together, more to come there around “talking myself out of trouble”.

The weekend it gets busy.. first up it’s Hannah’s bookshelf chat on her north Manchester FM radio show.. 2 hours of natter 2-4pm.

Then.. Saturday night I’m doing a live zoom gig for Manchester veterans… info here

So what a week.. may it continue!.. anyone need a gobby spoken worder, or an inspiring chat session. I’m easy to find!!

Have a top weekend!

Times a healer

Hello… It’s two years almost to the hour.. that I had my longest, worst and life defining episode of disassociation… Which I now know was due to PTSD… My life turned upside down, rattled and shook to its core.. but.. I was told everything happens for a reason…

I thought people say that to make you feel better… but it was true…. There’s is now a clear view of the path leading up to the incident… symptoms, lifestyle, attitude I can go one.. but I ignored them all.. I had to hit my rock bottom..

What followed was a gaping chasm where all my emotions and feelings that I had stored away in tight sealed boxes came bursting to the surface.. this was my lava overflowing.. ready to destroy. I needed help..

This is where my journey started…. 2 years today.. im not feeling guilty, embarrassed, or upset… I’m happy, optimistic, and proud… I’m still on this journey and if you want to join me I’ll colour in the pieces of my past…

This week I have two interviews with mental health charities about “talking myself out of trouble” and my creative path.. A two hour radio session with hannahs bookshelf on Saturday and a live zoom gig with combined Manchester veterans groups…

I’ve taken bookings for future spoken word gigs and my book will definitely be landing in May… The artwork I’ve got is astounding….

So there we have it… It did happen for a reason…. Find that creative path… And keep walking…

This Saturday..
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