Shiine on

Firstly the be had a few decent outings in the last week.. phantasmagoria workshop creative writing in Ashton u lyne. A superb gig in Blackpool ‘by the metre” with some top fellow wordsmiths… cheers Nathan Parker for the invite!!!

An art inspired gig in Chorlton at dulcimer for rebel riot records.. and not forgetting an amazing afternoon with people photographer David Gleave getting some shots for The Dirt and to bolster his already brilliant documentation of the northern quarter!!..

Topped off with more rehearsal as The Dirt in Cabbage HQ. Thanks to those lads for use of the studio.. The Dirt are soon coming to stage!!.. it’s on!!….

The next week is more laid back with a weekend fest as a punter.. shiine on will take me back to my petulant youth status.. however before that I do have a maiden London gig on Wednesday at the Victoria in Dalston. Cheers otherside promotion for the invite!!

The weekend after however is a biggy for me. There’s a support slot with EMF.. yes those 90s ravers… Golden lion Todmorden.. it’s sold out but you never know some covid returns or cancellation may facilitate an entry!!

On each side are two fantastic book end gigs with Gaz Whelan solo (happy Mondays). Thursday is for Busk in Stretford. And Sunday for pentatonic at 33oldham at, MCR.

So.. the pig farmer journey continues.. there’s lots more to announce for me and the dirt.. so keep eyes peeled on here.. or the many socials we run..

Until then, here’s as usual some posters and pics!!

Wiccan transition

Since the last natter, my energies have been with phantasmagoria, the travel emporium and a dark faery festival. Needless to say I have spent a large portion of my week in a parallel universe or two.

With phantasmagoria I was creative writing with the young minds of tameside. Talking teddy wockys and magical journeys. Some great stories created…

At the weekend I had the honour of attending the dark faery festival in Shropshire countryside. I met some cracking folk and was made so welcome by orcs, knights, story tellers, fairies, wizards, witches and other elements of the creative underworld. Rumour has it you may see me in Llangollen at the big festival next summer!!

Squeezing between these two I still got to share some verse at Mossley soup at Emmaus.. and crank the amp up in a studio to practice The Dirt material… ta to pals Cabbage (band) for the room!!crackin week!!

This week is a little more relaxed.. ish.. a photo shoot offer in Manchester with a talented photographer. A gig in Blackpool on 4th at Bootleg social and a gig on 7th at dulcimer Chorlton doing word with an art group.. no doubt Dirt rehearsals and getting ready for our maiden gig!

So.. here’s a few pics of what’s gone on and what is happening.. also look out for my interview and performance with pal Nathan Parker at The Yard MCR..

Week- ender

What a weekend.. it’s what makes this journey so special.. on Friday I got to meet up with a load of pals.. perform some verse… In a church.. while sharing a stage with some cracking bands and Peter Hook as DJ.. chuffed is an understatement!!!..

Then expecting a weekend off listening some great bands at Karma weekend in Nottingham, I was invited to compere with verse interludes on the Sunday.. again meeting top folk and sharing a stage with some great musicians..

This week I am doing creative writing workshops with phantasmagoria in Ashton under lyne MCR.. both youth and adults.. great experience and nice to get folk using creative flows…

Next up is a weekend gig in some woods in Cheshire for a faery festival.. loving the variety..

There’s new gigs coming in like a maiden trip to london next month and a booking to perform with artists in Chorlton, MCR.. I’ve got the gigs with Gaz Whelan of happy Mondays, an EMF support slot and some spoken word events.. so November is busy..

Meanwhile the Dirt practice and discuss an EP and when we can go live…

So.. here’s a few pics of past and future..

Random events

A couple of impromptu acts turned a great week into something very exciting..

On Wednesday after last blog I visited a n ex army pal in Newcastle for some down time. A keen supporter of my journey he discovered an open mic and mini slam (Born lippy). A last minute entry resulted in a win and award of a guest slot.. I did give it to the runner up!!.. it’s a crackin event and welcoming with some top talent in comedy, spoken word and hip hop..

Then came a pals book launch on Friday, more a celebration of an academic masterpiece by Jason Roche. joining myself was top lads Deja Vega and new lads Corvus and the morning star.. brilliant night which still has me buzzin after doing an unrehearsed collaboration Track With Deja Vega.. the videos are out there!!.

This week is steady.. ish.. first up an interview release with renowned Yorkshire poet Tahira Rehman on 20th.

Then a biggy.. Friday 22nd I am performing before Peter Hook at Macclesfield in October Fest.. also on same day bill is yellow brain . San Pedro collective and Queen cult… It will be mega!!.. buzzin for this..

Squeezing in some Dirt rehearsals will keep me out of trouble..

So here’s some images from last Friday and what’s coming up this week..

Turning point

Nice steady week has been had busy but nice… On the gig front the peerhat for astral elevator was ace. Nice to be involved with some great bands and even do an impromptu jam with pals Gardenback.. the underground independent music scene is thriving!!!

Took my foot off the pedal until Sunday but I was planning and plotting.. gigs for me and The Dirt, 2022 is forming nicely for the music project. Gig talk with nice appreciative folk…

Also creative workshops with phantasmagoria (Ashton under lyne) are in the pipeline… Half term October and sessions for young and older.. we are making a story book!!.. with teddy wockys. Yep you read that right!!.

Sunday brought about a crackin gig up at tap select in Oswaldtwistle.. new stomping ground.. but nice to hook up with some familiar faces .. punters and poets… Next Lancashire stop is 4 Nov in Blackpool!!!.. bootleg social…

On Monday I got to do one of the most rewarding sessions.. At turning point addiction services in Manchester. A talk and performance around talking myself out of trouble to about 12 folk.. most of whom were service users… Loved it and I’ve been invited back.. maybe a quarterly residency is on the cards!!!!..

In gigs news social media has the info.. but I’ve been chuffed to accept two gigs with Gaz when (happy Mondays) for his acoustic and Q and A gigs around Manchester in November.. and some in December with The jade assembly…

So.. the train keeps ploughing on.. gigs are plenty.. charity work is fulfilling… The dirt is coming to fruition… Also keep an eye out for interviews.. one recently with the lovely Tahira Rehman will be on line soon. And I have another today!!!..

Next stop is Stockport on Friday.. my pal Rochie launches his book and I get to share a stage with the immense Deja Vega… Tickets still on sale via Dr feelgoods bar ticket link…

As usual.. here’s some pics…

Road trip..

Last blog seems ages ago.. lyne ta gone on including a week long road trip to the south coast and back via a few friend stops..

Gigs at lock 91 for punk in Drublic, Freshers all dayer for deco records and the Sunday showdown at Stretford brew chimp seem a lifetime away..

Since then I’ve dropped the musical genius half of The Dirt project off at Heathrow. Sachiko is in Japan and returning mid October.. rehearsing starts full on then.. we have an EP to promote and release then get ready for live gigs in 2022..

So.. this last week flying solo has still been fun.. I visited the south coast l, received refreshing news from an old army pal and got to share some verse and chat at Mangangs Wednesday meet up in Southampton.. I also while nearby hooked up and watched the brilliant Blinders!!

I then went to Bristol met a couple of mates and got to perform at Ebeneezer gate pocket park. A great community creative space on north st.. which is an area I love.. networks done and potentially new gigs there to follow.. I also got to catch up with York pals Bull who performed at the Louisiana..

A calm night pit stop in Shrewsbury followed where I saw miles hunt and Ian prowse do their cracking acoustic sets!!

A North Wales stop didn’t go to schedule but a return is planned… a random stop in Manchester for an astral elevator gig where new mates were found.. when doors close others do open…

Then for the last night I went to Liverpool.. an open mic at the cavern run by Ian prowse.. yes i did natter to him in Shrewsbury!! Great night l, and I’ve been invited back…

So.. there it goes.. a crackin trip. Gigs as punter and performance. Me and the cat had a tip time in the camper.. so any promoters come find us.. me or The Dirt.

Next gig is Wednesday at the peerhat Manchester for astral elevator..

Anyway here’s a few pics..

Talking Dirty

So.. I’m going to be talking all things The Dirt. A resurrection of a plan my now wife and I had as we we entered the first lockdown.. fuzzy, noisy and edgy guitar effects and loops layered with my spoken word.. we did put two self produced EPs a n bandcamp as experimental stuff of what we wanted to create..

Now she has moved to UK from Japan and we have the capability to progress we have started rehearsing and ate looking bat taking The Dirt live towards the end of 2021. This will coincide with a hard copy EP released with golden believers records – GBR.

A six track set is planned like the EP and it’s sounding great.. sachiko works a pedal board to full effect!!..

So anyone reading this. Please pass onto promoter and venue folk.. two gigs are in agreement so far and we hope to spread the sound further!!.. stand by for further info..

Meanwhile I continue with Leon action.. tonight I am with Sayin at the old abbey tap House.. MCR.

The weekend is busy – Fri 24 at Lock 91 for punk in Drublic… Sat 25 at Grafton arms with Deco records… Sun 26 at brew chimp Stretford…

Anyway.. here’s a few Dirt pics attached.. come check us out on bandcamp.. maybe buy a track or more..

The Dirt

The wheel isn’t twisted

The journey continues…. The wheel isn’t broken… No limping.. just cruising along a highway of creativity.. meeting lovely folk on the way…

The last few days have been ace.. firstly I’ve spent alot of it in the basement.. with my wife!!.. in 2019 we joined forces and created some music as The Dirt.. put two EPs on Bandcamp and envisaged taking it live.. covid scuppered plans..

As sachiko now lives here and restrictions are lifted we thought lets kick the ball.. get it rolling.. also nudged by golden believers reco26 rds who invited us to put a hard copy EP out there.. so the result is we want to show off the material in its life form.. so stand by.. links to bandcamp are on the links page of website.

The gig business continues.. supporting Johnny brown at the snug Atherton was brilliant.. a great night… Top fella and on form!!.. so thanks to all involved there!! I also returned to mash guru last night for artistic echoes from the mic stand last night. Great fun..

Next up is end of month where a busy week is planned..

24- lock 91 for punk in Drublic

25 – deco records at Grafton

26- brew chimp Stretford

I’ve got a few charity things bubbling around these and as they happen I’ll celebrate the connection made!!.. so here’s a few pics of shenanigans done and coming…

Network gain

Less gigs more networks.. some great chat going on about gigs, talks, and connection this week.. hopefully some will come to fruition soon..

Long story short was great last week and met some great folk from “turning point”. Enjoyed the addiction and mental health themed event.. Simone has got a great event going on. And feel good club is an ace venue..

On Sunday I got to perform with some great bands.. nervous twitch.. Bull.. Helicon to name a few.. Berlin arts lab put in a great event in factory music rooms Barnsley..

Lots of emails, phone calls and messages this week.. along with getting a set together with the wife so “The Dirt” can transfer from a bandcamp project to a live set… Exciting stuff… Keep an eye out for a CD release too… Haha

This Saturday will see a trip to the amazing Snug in Atherton to support the brilliant Jonny Brown (twisted Wheel)… in a sold out gig.. and I’m quiz master at rose and monkey sun 12th.. expect interspersed verse!!

In other news.. there’s more events published which are on all social platforms.. And the book is still for sale..

So here’s a gallery of stuff!! And some up and coming out of town treats!!

Spin cycle

A week of plate spinning again.. two gigs in North Wales mid week. Then back to Manchester for a packed weekend..

Rhyl on Tuesday for Lexifest then onto Wrexham for a gig at yellow and blue.. it’s great work they are doing there and a cracking set up.

Manchester Friday was nuts.. opening set for after all at Gulliver’s then a sprint across Oldham street to get intro set for pals The ventrelles who asked last minute.. then on way home I bobbed into peerhat and did an open mic jam with pal Jade on guitar.. proper anglo-french mash up!!

Miners festival was cancelled Saturday so Sunday took me to Stockport for Indigo bravo gig at the spinning top. I’m almost a local and Monday was a set at wax and beans in Bury for Glaston-bury. The town was packed and met some ace folk!!

This week is steady.. I need to learn new verse!!!

I’m performing at “long story short” in Manchester on Thursday and then Barnsley on Sunday for a psych all dayer at Factory.

I will then take a week off until the Jonny Brown (twisted wheel) gig at the snug on sat 11th…

Nice to be busy, appreciated and wanted.. please keep the gig requests coming.. anyway, here’s some gig pics!!

Don’t forget I am still selling copies of my book. Talking myself out of trouble.