Bits and bats

Gig chat- two online charity gigs this weekend… Another official stream coming at the end of the month!!!… Info is on socials..

Networks- more invitations to work with veteran charities and mental health groups.. “talking myself out of trouble”.. inspiring talks and articles.. buzzin for this new path of my journey…

Headspace- getting creative and making T shirts… I’ve even got my hands on some badges and stickers … A merch frenzy!!!!. Drop me a line if your interested in any!!.. have a gawp at the Ts I’m wearing on recent vids

And I’ve been invited on a secret mission by a brilliant men’s mental health group.. the parrot will fly past the watchtower at midnight!!!..

And Happy Daze released the video I was asked to do for them.. check it out

Bits and bats

Pig pen promotions

Busy week .. and a positive one. sorting out a lengthy radio station interview. More to follow on that. And an online gig booking or two… It’s the pathlight thrive hive gig for Mind this weekend too. Check it out. More gig news on socials

Project – “Talking myself out of trouble” seems to be gaining pace. I’m chatting to plenty of charities about the journey from squaddie to spoken word via crazy town!!!.. I’ll post as they develop.

This week I’ve given a well received input to Healthier Heroes in Burnley. Belting work going on there….

So here’s another new piece I’ve written in the last couple of weeks.. and wearing my own DIY merch… Oh and I have badges too…


Buzzing post wobble

I don’t mind admitting stuff now, so.. Ive just had a rocky week. thats open talking for you.. a culmination of blips and the anticipation of a few significant dates and events.

But I got out walking and kept up the creativity. Writing and even making a few promo T shirts!!!.. which will be cheap .. nudge nudge..

Had some nice chats with a few charities too, more stuff is bubbling on that front which I’m excited about. And I’ve just wrote a piece similar to “talking myself out of trouble” .. I’ve called it “creating a clear conscience”..

So anyway here’s a pic of my latest creation brain wave!! Comments welcome..

Busy week in the pig pen.

Things are busy bubbling and in a good way.. gladly not my internal kettle ready to blow steam.. although it did come close once this week.. anyway I digress.. i wrote instead..

I’ve made some further quality contacts this week of people interested in my journey. And inviting me to share my story that’s getting some great response. So here’s a few bits of great work going on. There are people out there willing to help…


More in the pipeline….

Keep chatting…

ManGang- Hampshire calling

There’s some great stuff happening down on the south coast called Man gang… I’ve jumped on two online meetings so far and had a mixed emotional ride..

It’s great too see lads nattering and getting successes in recovery, but sad to hear some back stories and that it’s not a minority.. However the work at Mangang is ace.. I’ve even got to share some material.. And realise there’s others using creativity out there to challenge there demons.

Check the lads out, they are welcoming, none judgmental, friendly and the stories and advice knocking about is priceless. Andy Bishop is a true warrior and in his words – it’s not weak to speak are on point.. think I’m a gang member now!!!

Have a look here and there’s even a poem inspired by them…

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