Times a healer

Hello… It’s two years almost to the hour.. that I had my longest, worst and life defining episode of disassociation… Which I now know was due to PTSD… My life turned upside down, rattled and shook to its core.. but.. I was told everything happens for a reason…

I thought people say that to make you feel better… but it was true…. There’s is now a clear view of the path leading up to the incident… symptoms, lifestyle, attitude I can go one.. but I ignored them all.. I had to hit my rock bottom..

What followed was a gaping chasm where all my emotions and feelings that I had stored away in tight sealed boxes came bursting to the surface.. this was my lava overflowing.. ready to destroy. I needed help..

This is where my journey started…. 2 years today.. im not feeling guilty, embarrassed, or upset… I’m happy, optimistic, and proud… I’m still on this journey and if you want to join me I’ll colour in the pieces of my past…

This week I have two interviews with mental health charities about “talking myself out of trouble” and my creative path.. A two hour radio session with hannahs bookshelf on Saturday and a live zoom gig with combined Manchester veterans groups…

I’ve taken bookings for future spoken word gigs and my book will definitely be landing in May… The artwork I’ve got is astounding….

So there we have it… It did happen for a reason…. Find that creative path… And keep walking…

This Saturday..
In the news

Book and bookings

Nice to see gig bookings and chatter in the air.. it’s been a long time.. let’s hope this lot of postponed announcements are the last..

I’ve got a few bubbling now so I am really chuffed people still remember me and what I can provide… Soon as they are confirmed I’ll be proudly chucking the posters up…

Lockdown has given me an opportunity to write more. Diversify my writing and subject matter.. and to rehearse and learn new material.. as such there’s 35 swarming around my mind now.. no book.. no phone.. just me…

Lastly.. the book… My artwork is almost there.. I’ve increased the verse from 21 to 25 and decided to put a lyric section in.. more bang for ya book as they say.. it will be available in May…

So here is just one page of artwork a good friend has done around my verse… A taster shall we say!!

Wetting appetites

So… Ear to the ground and eyes peeled.. catch up soon…

Busy times


This Facebook event is on tomorrow.. I’m on 1745-1810.. live set.. getting sunday shouty!!!.. click on the event!!..

Date for the diary – Saturday 13 March. 2-4pm.. North Manchester FM Hannah’s bookshelf.. talking all things Leon and my 3 post apocalyptic books… a couple of verse chucked in too..

More T shirt printing and posting this weekend.. there coming along a treat..

Meetings planned next week for summer shenanigans.. eyes peeled, ear to the ground on that… And a podcast recording with time2talk..

I’m still chatting to peer groups and charities to spread “talking myself out of trouble” as they happen I’ll shout them up..

Ta for reading..

Mission statement

So, I’ve written a mission statement of sorts.. let’s hope it can help charities understand what I’m about!!..

Bookings are coming in for inputs around “talking myself out of trouble” as I partner up and work with them I’ll post the work we are doing!!..

I’m on LinkedIn!!… Another avenue to spread the word and love!!..

I’m doing radio shenanigans later today…. Prerecorded to go out on air soon!!!.. talking books, creative process and performance!.. date tbc…

T shirts are ticking along.. third batch will be completed this week. furthest so far is Edinburgh.. thanks Storm Boyd!!! but there is an LPF pin badge worn and on show in Japan…

And this is still on the cards!!

A buzzin bard

First up….. Two pieces of verse are selected for a horror anthology… More to come when its publicly promoted.. but I’m chuffed…. And the stories are real.,. Mental health awareness isn’t a walk in a daisy field….

Second, I had a proper good natter to some lads at Healthier Heroes in Burnley this week.. The work there is amazing… And the lads I spoke with are finding their own creative paths…. “Talking myself out of trouble” continues….

Next up T shirt sales… I’m loving it that people are buying them and modelling them for me on media platforms.. from poets, to postman, to gutter punksters, who’s next????….. Remember they’re DIY, economical no middle logo and it’s spreading the dirt…. LPF…

Lastly …..The book is bubbling.. the artworks close. it’s coming… next gig – sun 28th Feb lockdown live lounge on Facebook…..

Gutter punk love

So far since last blog I’ve done a promo vid for lockdown live lounge and shared some verse with peer group Mangang..

ive got a charity input this week with healthier heroes… stepping it up from the first zoom meet.. talking myself out of trouble.

And also the gutter punks that are the battery Farm have their hands on a LPF Tshirt… Ben doing the modelling..

Pig farmer meets battery farm

The word is on the street.

First Leon T shirts were posted this week… And first model photo has been received!!!.. cheers top charity postie Steve Kay!!!

It’s Mangang day so looking forward to a catch up with the lads.. worth a look at what great work they do.. https://mangang.org/

Planning new project inputs for this week’s charity chats.. “talking myself out of trouble” anyone wanting a natter about what I do on these, please drop me a line..

He’s a model

Pig in the middle

Straddling two fields this week.. gig chat and charity connection..

First up.. buzzin to be involved in this Facebook online fest at the end of the month… https://fb.me/e/2Yk13cXOu

Last week’s gigs can still be viewed. Pathlight are still selling entry to their festival for Mind charity..

On the charity front I’ve had contact with some decent size military charities this week.. and more great mental health groups.. hopefully “talking myself out of trouble” can spread a bit further… As relationships unfold I’ll spread the good vibes.

And lastly.. I’ve posted my first T shirts out.. with badges!!!!…got more on order and to make…so busy on that.. check em out!!

Pathlight online festival


A great write up by Pathlight fest organisation and some good cash raised.. great to be involved.. and some hard graft gone into it… Hats off!!

People can still donate and get to see all the performances.. some great acts to indulge in.. meanwhile I now go back to making DIY t shirts.. and talking to charity groups!!…

T shirts anyone?

Bits and bats

Gig chat- two online charity gigs this weekend… Another official stream coming at the end of the month!!!… Info is on socials..

Networks- more invitations to work with veteran charities and mental health groups.. “talking myself out of trouble”.. inspiring talks and articles.. buzzin for this new path of my journey…

Headspace- getting creative and making T shirts… I’ve even got my hands on some badges and stickers … A merch frenzy!!!!. Drop me a line if your interested in any!!.. have a gawp at the Ts I’m wearing on recent vids

And I’ve been invited on a secret mission by a brilliant men’s mental health group.. the parrot will fly past the watchtower at midnight!!!..

And Happy Daze released the video I was asked to do for them.. check it out https://www.facebook.com/381312296069833/posts/784906569043735/

Bits and bats