What a week… Started with a blog about my 2nd year anniversary of realising PTSD was lurking around.. thanks for the positive comments.

On Tuesday I did a podcast interview with Time2talk mental health hub.. it goes out next week so I’ll be sharing the links.. talking stigma reduction, creative paths, bit of verse and mental health recovery..

Also, Wednesday I had a great chat with Chris at Direction for men. Lots of interest on how creativity can help mental health recovery.. how we can work together, more to come there around “talking myself out of trouble”.

The weekend it gets busy.. first up it’s Hannah’s bookshelf chat on her north Manchester FM radio show.. 2 hours of natter 2-4pm.

Then.. Saturday night I’m doing a live zoom gig for Manchester veterans… info here

So what a week.. may it continue!.. anyone need a gobby spoken worder, or an inspiring chat session. I’m easy to find!!

Have a top weekend!

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