Talk the walk

“Talkthewalk” is the new thread coming to the web page soon..

As I have started building are rather extensive portfolio of organisations I’ve worked with, still am or have shown interested in talking myself out of trouble.. I thought it best to get a little at together.. sell my wares and bow strings!

This weekend has been ace… I’ve been on the wireless with Hannahs bookshelf on North Manchester FM.. and I didn’t swear… here’s the show link..

Also I did a crackin zoom gig with Manchester veterans.. talking about my PTSD journey and a spoken word set which was well received..

I’ve also accepted a few live gig dates from July onwards in the last week.. some of which are officially confirmed… so it’s nice to get busy.. 3 of which are with promoters Indigo Bravo who put on some ace punk gigs.. I’ll be compere/verse spitting between bands.. infant wait.. check out their page.

More stuff is Bubbling.. and im back on the road now.. now there’s a story still to tell!!!!! my VW camper has now got tax MOT out of storage and is raring to go… so will travel to chatter!!!..

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