Time 2 Talk

I put a personal Facebook message up yesterday about how I was buzzing.. it’s true.. and I said I had bags left over.. and it’s free.. that also is true.. a few personal achievements and good news has come in.. so while I’m surfing that positive wave I’d like to think I can try help.. it also means (without being cryptic) I can soon expand on the Leon story..

As with Leon stuff.. I’ve scanned loads of brilliant art for the poem book which is coming along nicely. I’ve took a few gig bookings and getting stuck in to helping a local arts fest. Still chatting to charities about “talking myself out of trouble”..

On that note, here’s the latest!!.. with Time 2 talk mental health hub.. thanks Fyer-Hune

A busy summer is ahead hopefully… And. Still flogging LPF T shirts at a rock bottom price… if that’s not your bag.. I’ve got pin badges too!!…

Oh and we have updated website content.. ta Steve Reilly..

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