And breath

What a mad ten days it’s been since the books landed.. we have shifted In excess of 150 and that is through word of mouth, some social media pestering and a bit of forthright asking!!.. so thanks again to everyone who has jumped on the journey.

In other news the soft launch event is picking up nicely. All performance folk who will be joining me will be on the event by end of today. Most have been announced. And of coming book a table please and it is free!!…Here’s the event link.

Also on events here’s the website and info to the bigger event in July when more pals of multi genres will be pitching up in Mossley to share their wares!!… 9-11 July.. keep it free!!

I’m just back from town after doing an interview at media city with a couple of media students who are creating some work around links between mental health recovery and creativity. So hopefully I’ll get a copy of that soon. A bit of chat around book and my journey and a few pieces performed at the end.

There’s a new story telling event coming to Manchester soon too. Long story short… I’ve been invited to a zoom session this Thursday and when covid restrictions allow they are taking it to a venue. So there’s something else to look out for. Here’s the connection.

Still busy talking to charity groups and spreading my story along with creative paths. But the book has absorbed time over last two weeks.. the calender is bulging in places but that’s a good sign I guess.. rebel chats, poetry podcasts, 2 day work shop at phantasmagoria.. yes that is a place!!!!. Local paper interviews and then book launch.. what a month!!!

So.. in a nut shell.. my worker bee is busy. But there is no sting these days.. if you haven’t got a book but would like one, please hit me up…

At Sayin last week!

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