The camera never lies

Buzzin week in the pig pen… Lots going on.. plenty of book sales which is ace. It’s great that the message is spreading… And the book goes on line soon..

Official launch of talking myself out of trouble is coming along nicely at the gillery on bank holiday 29/30th may.

Just had a brilliant zoom Olly’s future around collaboration for their suicide prevention. Great work going on. Keep an eye out for stuff there.

Rebels and rule breakers Facebook interaction is going well.. I’ll have a stream chat going out with them on Monday 14th June.. it’s timed well as it’s the start of men’s mental health week.

Did a great mini performance at “long story short” a new story telling / spoken word event coming to Manchester… Keep a look out.. was a great vibe.. here’s the insta link.

I’ve also been filming with wet lemon productions. Photos and interview pre book live launch.. located in Mossley they have studios. Filming, photography, audio and much more.. creating a great local vibe.. I’ve attached an image!.. more to follow.

So this is me… still … Talking myself out of trouble.. have a great weekend!!.

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