The 200 club

So, book sales are flying!! We are almost at the 200 point. Thank you so much to everyone that has bought a copy and others showing an interest! The positive vibes and feedback is immense, I am astounded. The book is now live at …

I’ll be ordering a new batch soon once the text copy for internet sales lands. So glad that “Talking myself out of trouble” is reaching out to so many folk. And may this continue once the weird worldy web gets hold of it. And book launches are still to come! Buzzin.

In other news I’ve got some fresh gigs waiting to announce and a couple of crackin zoom events to confirm… So it’s all hands on deck in the pig pen.

I’ve just received a copy of my mask anthology by live from worktown which has a piece by myself in.. worth a look at

So.. I’m back from a week away.. going to get busy.. I have notes galore for new material and I’m getting a new camper.. looking forward to positive steps out of lockdown!!..

Anyone still need a book or a mouthy compere with verse shout me up.. and last shout out is to the Keighley bearded theory crowd who it was good to catch up with in a Yorkshire dales field at the weekend!!

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