Juggle and drop

So first up… The venue for the book launch next weekend has changed… Same acts… Same aim and similar concept just at the venue above the original one.. I even have gig posters now… So thanks to wetlemonproductions@gmail.com for coming to my rescue and offering an alternative space and vibe. They also are part of “now or never records” and “old bank studios”. A great new art hub.. literally the floor above the Gillery in Mossley.

I’ve been busy booking other gigs, a couple of on line this new for Glossop book fest – https://fb.me/e/MglbP9qe

One for a suicide prevention charity which will take place during men’s mental Health week on 17 June. Details to follow but check out the great work going on at https://ollysfuture.org.uk/

I have just ordered a new batch of “Talkingyself out of trouble” books as the first 200 have flown out!!.. so drop your orders in if you would like one !!!!.. they can also be purchased at Lulu.com. https://www.lulu.com/en/gb/shop/simon-horner-and-phil-wagstaff/talking-myself-out-of-trouble/paperback/product-yr9pj4.html?page=1&pageSize=4

I conducted a two day creative workshop in Ashton under Lyne this week at Phantasmagoria around poetry and writing.. a great creative space and travel emporium.. excellent for both young and old.. go check out what the crew are doing down there!!.. https://www.phantasmagoria.space/

So.. it’s Sunday… Hope everyone that reads had a good weekend.. please share my blogs and let’s reach further corners than we would.. here’s the gig posters..

Book launch

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