Roller coaster

I bizzare week… Anxiety attacks… Reflections on friends lost.. worries of close ones.. yet euphoria over two great sets at The Dirt with some great bands and a Leon gig at kick out stigma. And meeting up with food mates..

I’m kicking back from today.. regrouping.. doing what the wife tells me.. switching off .. brain repair time… Can’t preach and not practice…

A busy but fruitful weekend ahead.. birthday party gig with some top bands and a leon set for a pal at after all festival in Manchester..

Finding the balance is tough but it’s getting there. The thing that heals can also break…

The gigs at the weekend were ace.. The Dirt is defining the creative partnership sachiko and I share.. as well as a marital one.. some great comments and some feedback!!!.. we next go on sat 18th June in Liverpool at acid fest for Liverpool psychedelic society. Until then we are going to create a new tune or two..

Meanwhile Leon will fill the gaps, cracks and turn on taps!!.. a few great little events to announce over the next month or three too. Really buzzin.. keep on eye on insta and FB…

There’s also radio play picking up on both sides too which is nice.. hopefully it will prick up a few out of town ears so we can spread wings and make noise in far away towns!!.. if not please tell folk!.. have camper will travel!!…

Anyway here’s what’s been going on.. and books and CDs are still for sale via me!!

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