Mission statement

So, I’ve written a mission statement of sorts.. let’s hope it can help charities understand what I’m about!!.. Bookings are coming in for inputs around “talking myself out of trouble” as I partner up and work with them I’ll post the work we are doing!!.. I’m on LinkedIn!!… Another avenue to spread the word andContinue reading “Mission statement”

Pig in the middle

Straddling two fields this week.. gig chat and charity connection.. First up.. buzzin to be involved in this Facebook online fest at the end of the month… https://fb.me/e/2Yk13cXOu Last week’s gigs can still be viewed. Pathlight are still selling entry to their festival for Mind charity.. On the charity front I’ve had contact with someContinue reading “Pig in the middle”

Busy week in the pig pen.

Things are busy bubbling and in a good way.. gladly not my internal kettle ready to blow steam.. although it did come close once this week.. anyway I digress.. i wrote instead.. I’ve made some further quality contacts this week of people interested in my journey. And inviting me to share my story that’s gettingContinue reading “Busy week in the pig pen.”