Busy times

https://fb.me/e/2Yk13cXOu This Facebook event is on tomorrow.. I’m on 1745-1810.. live set.. getting sunday shouty!!!.. click on the event!!.. Date for the diary – Saturday 13 March. 2-4pm.. North Manchester FM Hannah’s bookshelf.. talking all things Leon and my 3 post apocalyptic books… a couple of verse chucked in too.. More T shirt printing andContinue reading “Busy times”

A buzzin bard

First up….. Two pieces of verse are selected for a horror anthology… More to come when its publicly promoted.. but I’m chuffed…. And the stories are real.,. Mental health awareness isn’t a walk in a daisy field…. Second, I had a proper good natter to some lads at Healthier Heroes in Burnley this week.. TheContinue reading “A buzzin bard”

The word is on the street.

First Leon T shirts were posted this week… And first model photo has been received!!!.. cheers top charity postie Steve Kay!!! It’s Mangang day so looking forward to a catch up with the lads.. worth a look at what great work they do.. https://mangang.org/ Planning new project inputs for this week’s charity chats.. “talking myselfContinue reading “The word is on the street.”

Pathlight online festival

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10222532893782337&id=1570493777 A great write up by Pathlight fest organisation and some good cash raised.. great to be involved.. and some hard graft gone into it… Hats off!! People can still donate and get to see all the performances.. some great acts to indulge in.. meanwhile I now go back to making DIY t shirts.. andContinue reading “Pathlight online festival”

Bits and bats

Gig chat- two online charity gigs this weekend… Another official stream coming at the end of the month!!!… Info is on socials.. Networks- more invitations to work with veteran charities and mental health groups.. “talking myself out of trouble”.. inspiring talks and articles.. buzzin for this new path of my journey… Headspace- getting creative andContinue reading “Bits and bats”